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Powersave Applet consists of a script, that does various tips and tricks from Intel's PowerTop and lesswatts.org to reduce power consumption while your laptop is on battery. There is also an applet that provides a nice status icon in Gnome or KDE. It is released under GPL 3.


The applet itself only calls the bash script. Resources for further information on what could Powersave Applet will do (in future) and which functions will be obsolete one day (when some other software will be fixed) can be found at "Lesswatts.org -- Saving Power on Intel systems with Linux" . As for now, there is already some documentation and to-dos contained in the release 0.1, although some of it are just notices and need approval, have to be implemented and some things needs to be translated to english language, cause I wrote down some ideas in german.If your interested in taking part in development don't hesitate to send me emails (via Sourceforge project site, see above).


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Screenshot: Powersave Applet in Gnome panel (partial german localized)

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For more Information visit Powersave Applet's Sourceforge project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ps-applet

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